The Small Group Creed
(for small groups at UNT)

I believe that Jazz Forum is a great place to hear good music and gain new insights into creativity.

I believe that it is reasonable to require my attendance and to expect requests for excused absences to be in writing.

I believe that it is fair to lower my semester grade one letter for each unexcused absence beyond those allowed.

I believe that I should be present and prepared to play well at any scheduled performances of my small group. I believe that this includes my knowing the music well enough to play from memory.

I believe that I should not only be present at all scheduled rehearsals of my small group but should be on time, with all necessary instruments and accessories in working order.

I believe that, should I need to miss a rehearsal, I should send a sub who plays as well or better than I do.

I believe that I want to be better than just an average musician and will dedicate myself to bringing musicianship that is as strong as possible to my small group.

I believe that I am part of a special community of musicians who care deeply about fostering the art of jazz and I will not allow myself to slump into complacency and mediocrity.

I believe that it is a privilege to be a part of this small group program and I will try my best to be a credit to it.


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