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Comments from students:

“Dan is a world-class jazz pianist and jazz educator as well. My improvisation has greatly improved as a result of studying with Dan. I notice it on the gig as well as during my practice, and so have my musician friends. When I started with him he was able to listen to me play and immediately knew what to start working on, picking up right where I was; not beneath my ability or knowledge, but just enough ahead to be challenging. But while constantly challenging my ability, he is very patient, encouraging, and understanding of my efforts and feelings as a student. I have a pretty good background in jazz theory, but Dan is always showing and telling me things I never thought of, or was unaware of from scale theory and patterns to chord structure, substitutions, and facts I did not know about tunes even though I may have played them for years. Dan has my highest respect as a player and teacher, and my highest recommendation.”

David Wilson
Phoenix, Arizona

"I have been a student of Jazz for many years, so I like to think that I have a fairly good grasp of theoretical concepts like scales, modes, and chord-scale relationships. Studying with Dan has helped me develop as a player by addressing not only what to play (scales and modes and their relationships to chords) but how to combine those elements in a musical way. I have particularly enjoyed the “minimalistic” approach of the “Magic Motives” and to appreciate how we can construct excellent musical ideas from a limited amount of “prime elements”, incorporating concepts like sequence, repetition, connection of guide tones, and melodic development. Dan has also stimulated me to adopt new practice habits like playing patterns (that are eventually internalized and incorporated into creative improvisation), and composing solos based on standard tunes. Any musician, not only piano players, can benefit greatly from his lessons, since the focus is on music. Lessons are always done in the context of Jazz tunes. As a saxophone player, he has provided me with valuable feedback about issues that apply to any instrument, such as good time, intonation and articulation. I look forward to continuing learning from his lessons."

Ivan Iriarte
Ponce, Puerto Rico

You can take lessons on either Skype™ or Facetime™

You will need:

1. The Skype™ application. If you don't have it, click here.
(You have to create a Skype™ account. Get Info here: )

2. Or the FaceTime application (included with Apple computers)

2. A computer with either a built-in or peripheral video camera and a piano or keyboard nearby.

3. A credit card or PayPal™ account for payment.

To set up a lesson on either Skype™ or FaceTime™:

Click on the "Email" button on the home page and send me a request of a couple of days and times to arrange a lesson. Be sure to tell me your location so I can plan for the time difference in scheduling. I will try to give you your preferred time! Lessons are mainly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays but other arrangements are possible. Lessons may be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or randomly, whatever works best for your schedule!

The lesson fee is $50 for a 40 minute lesson . Special discount for new students: Two 1/2 hour lessons for $80!

After a time is arranged, you will receive an invoice with instructions for payment through PayPal™
You may use:

  Visa Mastercard American Express DiscoverPayPal 

When I receive notification of your payment, we can proceed with the lesson as arranged. Thanks for your interest in expanding your knowledge of music!

Dan Haerle

Free Video!

I am now providing a video of each lesson, free at no extra charge!